A Sustainable Path

Since 1982 dedicated every day to deliver to customers customized stainless steel (heat pump) tanks that meet the highest quality & performance benchmarks.


Videira has modern production facilities including a laboratory for testing and R&D. Videira is certified to ISO 9001, which allows manufacturing processes to comply with the highest quality and safety standards. Our track record in in-house engineering, internal testing and external certification processes is what gives our customers full confidence in partnering longterm with Videira.


The stainless steel tanks of Videira are widely recognized for their reliability,  outstanding design and energy efficiency.  Videira is specialized in custom-made tanks and capable to meet any customer demand. The tank shell are made from high grade AISI 444 Р2B finish. The coil and adapters are made from high grade as well: 1.4404 Р316 stainless steel. This avoids pitting corrosion. All welds are made by high quality welding process TIG (GTAW), minimizing the possibility of crevice corrosion. The tanks are then pickled and passivated both inside and outside. Quality control systems ensure all tanks that leave the factory are of highest quality.

Videira is specialised in delivering high quality, customized heat pump, solar and storage tanks. Examples:

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